Al Taylor for State Assembly

As a community organizer, State Assembly Chief of Staff, minister and now State Assembly member representing the 71st District, Al Taylor has built a record of hard work, caring and giving back to the community that gave him his chance. He was elected to represent his Upper Manhattan District in 2017 with overwhelming support in every part of the District.

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Nov 04, 2017

Amsterdam News Endorses Al Taylor

The 72nd Assembly District, now vacated by Assemblyman Farrell, has been his training ground for decades. Al Taylor understands what his constituents need and is eager to continue to provide it...That is why we endorse him for the assembly in...

Oct 08, 2017

Al Taylor Wins Democratic Nomination for State Assembly

At an extremely well-attended County Committee meeting held at Esplanade Gardens, County Committee members elected across the 71st Assembly District selected Al Taylor to be the Democratic nominee to fill the Assembly seat...

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  • Trice Mcbride
    commented 2018-07-04 14:54:16 -0400
    My name is Patrice McBride I live in New York City I have a few concerns about my living situation. I am a single mother living in a studio apartment with my son who is 16 years of age . This is a very cramped apartment and I am also fighting Breast Cancer it is hard enough deeling with this on my on but I have no privacy from my son cause we both are living in the same room I don’t need him to watch me go though pain in my body at times and he feels that he can’t help me I don’t want that for him he has a hard enough time just beening a kid so if you can help me get into a two bedroom apartment I would greatly appreciated you don’t know how much I would appreciate your help. My correctly resistance is Broadway Community Houseing on the corner of 155th Street please help me save my son from the street cause he is acting out cause he has one to turn to because of what he see his mother go through battling breast cancer help me help him he has nothing he can call his own we lost a lot from Hurricane Sandy and thing where never the same after I put in a Application for the two bedroom but nothing happen when we move in this apartment from the shelter they said that they would offer me a two bedroom I was first on the list and then they offered me a one and they if I took it they would take me off the list for the two and they I would have to do the paper work all over again for the two and then I would go at the bottom of the list so I didn’t take the one bedroom apartment cause I was the first on the list for the two which means if I take the one they would offer me the two even though I am first on that list I have in this building for 3 1/2 years and they have yet to offer me a two bedroom apartment and every time I says anything about it they tell me not to mention it again so I don’t I hope this reaches and I pray every night that a two bedroom becomes available. Sincerely yours

    Patrice Mcbride