Al Taylor for State Assembly

As a community organizer, State Assembly Chief of Staff, minister and now State Assembly member representing the 71st District, Al Taylor has built a record of hard work, caring and giving back to the community that gave him his chance. He was elected to represent his Upper Manhattan District in 2017 with overwhelming support in every part of the District.

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Nov 04, 2017

Amsterdam News Endorses Al Taylor

The 72nd Assembly District, now vacated by Assemblyman Farrell, has been his training ground for decades. Al Taylor understands what his constituents need and is eager to continue to provide it...That is why we endorse him for the assembly in...

Oct 08, 2017

Al Taylor Wins Democratic Nomination for State Assembly

At an extremely well-attended County Committee meeting held at Esplanade Gardens, County Committee members elected across the 71st Assembly District selected Al Taylor to be the Democratic nominee to fill the Assembly seat...

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