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First Annual Unity Cruise

Al Taylor’s Priorities:


Reforming Rent Laws

Rent regulations are the biggest provider of affordable housing for low and middle class New Yorkers and must be protected. We need to defend – and in fact strengthen -- protections for tenants to maintain affordability and security. It is good for tenants, but also good for the city because we are made strong by our diversity. I support repeal of Urstadt Law. NYC should make its own laws. Also support repealing vacancy deregulation and eliminating the vacancy bonus.


Reducing Gun Violence

We must reduce gun violence and I’ve worked to make our neighborhoods safer by getting guns off the street – including starting the Man Up! Program that reduced violence in the Polo Ground Houses, walking to Chicago to highlight the cause of reducing violence and working with neighborhood leaders to get guns off the street. In the Assembly, I led the fight for new laws to keep guns out of the wrong hands, ban bump stocks, and strictly limit guns on school property.


Improving Public Schools

Education is the key to opportunity and we must place it the hands of every child. As Assembly member, I am fighting for an excellent education for every child – and to finally get the remaining CFE money are schools are owed so we can decrease class sizes and increase support services; create more community schools and increase parental involvement; and bring innovation and creativity into the classroom.


Fixing Our Subways

My constituents rely daily on our subway system, but our subway system is no longer reliable. We must make mass transit funding a priority and I support the concept of congestion pricing. However, in finalizing the plan we must also be careful that we don’t simply shift the congestion elsewhere, particularly making Upper Manhattan a parking lot for those who want to avoid the congestion fee.


Meet Al Taylor:

As a community organizer, State Assembly Chief of Staff, minister and now State Assembly member representing the 71st District, Al Taylor has built a record of hard work, caring and giving back to the community that gave him his chance.




I’m honored by the confidence our district voters expressed in me by overwhelmingly re-electing me to continue working to protect tenants and affordable housing, improve our public schools and get guns off our streets and to stand up against Donald Trump and the hate that he’s inspired. I hope I can count on you to give what you can right now so that we can stay strong for the fight ahead.